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Agarwood Đức Thụ As an international brand in the market of natural incense, healthy products, Đức Thụ promotes a natural and healthy lifestyle, we are dedicated to creating products that serve for meditative lifestyle. Đức Thụ with many achievements from many generations of making Agarwood Incense Incense, Agarwoodducthu continues to operate according to the heirloommethod to create typical agarwood incense sticks, crafted according to traditional techniques .
Become the Vietnamese brand that ensures the best quality in the market of agarwood. Is a reputable brand in natural agarwood products. To create a cool, sweet and cozy traditional Tet incense is a very precious thing in the incense making profession. Agarwood Đức Thụ with a long-standing recipe passed down through many generations in Cao Thon craft village, Hung Yen city dating back 300 years.

The image is hand-painted as a trademark and revised from Duc Thu

Drawing on centuries-old know-how to create wonderful fragrances, generation after generation, the craft continues. From the herbal ingredients bestowed by nature, together with the skillful hands of artisans who carefully handle the quality, balance and proportions of all carefully selected natural ingredients, the event . The slightest change in the amount of any ingredient can significantly affect the results.

Only the best are used to create the intoxicating Agarwood incense. imbued with the traditional Vietnamese position. The characteristic incense of Cao Thon villagers has existed for a long time, keeping the secret of traditional craft for generations.

Different from the domestic and foreign fragrance market, Agarwood Duc Thu has products for even the most discerning and fastidious people.

Reasons to buy Duc Thu Agarwood products.

  1. Characteristic smell, variety of models to suit every customer.
  2. We always ensure the best products reach customers around the world.
  3. With the motto "for the most deserving customer" Duc Thu Agarwood focuses on experiencing the customer's mission, we combine traditional herbs with precious woods to create Incense Incense, Agarwood Incense products. Nature helps customers have the most satisfactory products.
  4. Duc Thu currently has a system store in Hanoi, with a vision to 2030 will expand many branches in Vietnam, with the support of online purchase, customers can fully own Duc Thu Agarwood products. an easy way.

Duc Thu established a production and business company in 2020 GPKD: 0109431727, through many times adjusting the fragrance and price of the product lines on the feedback of longtime customers. We have created the best line of Clean Agarwood incense products for Vietnamese and International customers.

We treat fragrance enjoyment as an art form and accompanies more than 100 retail locations, sacred temples, thousands of credits at home and abroad.

    Logo Meaning

Agarwood Duc Thu takes textures as the brand's symbol, these motifs represent our journey to explore the outer world as well as our inner world. In terms of quality, the layered textures are detailed metaphors for the qualities where we need to reach the high limits of wisdom and the enlightenment of all things. In addition, Buddhist monks also use patterned symbols for impermanence and disregard for matter. In Indian education, the pattern is a symbol of the connection between the invisible and the visible.

Duc Thu got the idea from the motifs in the image of the Buddhist logo for the brand.
Red shows respect for customers.

The word "Agarwood" means Agarwood, a specialty of the Vietnamese homeland, written in English as Vietnamese Agarwood.

The image of the fairy scene and the baby deer has been known to many domestic and foreign customers for many years.

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