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Incense Without Toothpick

Incense Without Toothpick - Agarwood Without Toothpick Agarwood boxes are usually made from solid incense wood, used to store incense without toothpicks. The basswood box has a high aesthetic value because of its luxurious appearance and sophisticated and creative design.

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Product introduction

Incense Without Toothpick - Agarwood Without Toothpick

Agarwood Duc Thu

Incense Without Toothpick - Agarwood Without Toothpick Types of incense without bamboo toothpicks Types of incense that help to spread fragrance in the room or meditate are coiled incense sticks, cones and incense without using bamboo toothpicks. They can help clean the living space, relax the spirit, contribute to blood circulation ...

This type of incense is often used in home incense. Incense is made from finely ground frankincense powder. After grinding, Agarwood will be mixed with natural Litsea glue, forming a mixture with sufficient adhesion. Then it is shaped like a bud, a cone or a lotus bud, coil, etc.

image of incense without toothpicks produced by Duc Thu

Incense Without Toothpick This type of frankincense is made from herbs, has a gentle fragrance, is perfectly good for feng shui and enhances your ability to concentrate.

This is a bud-shaped agarwood bud, produced by Duc Thu with modern machinery, with a very high daily output, we satisfy all domestic and international customers.

The image of lotus bud fragrance produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Without Toothpick In addition to the bud-shaped incense, there is also a popular incense that is used by many people, When the scent does not affect health, this product is spread to everyone in the country and international friends

You can burn incense on ceramic dishes, incense burners or square wooden burning boxes. Some health benefits that frankincense cones bring:

image of incense without toothpicks produced by Duc Thu

Incense Without Toothpick - Agarwood Without Toothpick

Material: 100% herbs; acacia from nature, water.
no chemicals or fragrances added

Product Name: Agarwood incense
Min order quantity 1kg
Place of origin: Hà Nội; Vietnam
Brand name:
Grade Special
Model number: AI2-S
Color: Brown
Specifications: 1kg = 50 plastic tube; small Carton box outsize; 
Size: d =1.6mm; leght = 21cm
Scent: Pleasant, soft sweet woody scent
Certificate: CITES; C/O
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Special shipping for inner city customers within the day, domestic customers from 2 to 3 days, international customers from 7 to 15 days

The product has been tested for safety at:

In order for the product to retain its fragrance and resist mildew during use, please follow the following storage procedures:

  • Keep the product dry and cool.
  • Show live light and lower temperature.
  • Store the product carefully when using it will not lose its fragrance.

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