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product introduction

Incense is a biological material with a fragrance that, when burned, emits fragrant smoke. This term is used for materials or fragrances. Incense is used for aesthetic reasons, religious worship, aromatherapy, meditation and ritual. In Vietnam, there are many places to make incense sticks, incense, incense from herbs, but it is rare for any manufacturer to successfully combine them with a seductive fragrance.

Image of agarwood incense produced by Duc Thu
Duc Thu is one of the production facilities of Traditional Fragrance loved by many domestic and international customers, Duc Thu wants to promote Incense products to customers, we have a factory and a warehouse. widely packed. Together with artisans who make spiral incense, tower incense, or a mixture that is extruded into a stick or cone shape, the natural incense sticks are carefully handcrafted.

Picture of aromatic wood powder from herbs, prepared by Duc Thu

Incense comes in many different forms and levels of treatment. In general, they can be divided into "direct burning" and "indirect burning". Preference for one form or another varies according to culture, tradition, and personal preference. Both differ in composition due to the former requirement of even, stable and sustained combustion.

The image of Duc Thu smoked incense in silence
When burning Duc Thu Agarwood, there is very little smoke, the space has a cozy feeling, attractive aroma, our products do not use dyes or chemicals at all. Duc Thu brand, 100% refund for all customers if not satisfied with the product.

Picture of Duc Thu incense retail point in Vietnam

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