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Questions from customers buying incense at Agarwood Đức Thụ.

Customers buying products of Agarwoodducthu and frequently asked questions, we would like to answer as follows:

What products do Agarwood Đức Thụ have?

Đức Thụ Agarwood is a leading Agarwood trading and manufacturing company in Vietnam. Our products include the following types of Agarwood:
🍀 Clean Agarwood Incense - (Agarwood from nature)
🍀 Traditional Chinese Medicine Incense - (Agarwood in the North)
Agarwood Bud, round incense incense - (tower-shaped incense)
🍀 Agarwood Bracelet (Agarwood Jewelry) - Agarwood powder

Sản phẩm của Agarwood Đức Thụ có an toàn không?

  • Đức Thụ Agarwood is committed to incense products made of natural herbs, non-toxic to customers, customers can rest assured to use.
    Below is a video describing Duc Thu's products, when burning very little smoke, the fragrance spreads far (as the ancients say "Far is incense, near is flower"

💯 Our clean products, have passed the required analysis, testing and safety results at:
✔ Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology - Ho Chi Minh City Experimental Analysis and Service Center. (

Center for Certification of Conformity (Ministry of Science and Technology.) - Quacert. (

Does Duc Thu Agarwood have chemicals?

  • The safety of users is protected, Agarwood Đức Thụ does not manufacture and sell any kind of product. For incense (incense) use Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) to soak incense. When incense smoke will produce P2O5 gas, which is very toxic to users when there is stimulating incense smoke.
    All products of Duc Thu fragrance have been tested and do not contain Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) and P2O5 gas.

How to buy Đức Thụ Agarwood products?

How does Agarwood Duc Thu apply transactions?

  • There are 2 ways for you to order products as follows:
  • ✅ Direct payment in cash.
  • ✅ Payment by bank transfer - ATM.
  • Please see payment method details at

Does Đức Thụ Agarwood deliver nationwide and internationally?

How to return Agarwood Đức Thụ products?

  • We change the case of postpaid customers.
  • ☑ Products damaged, damaged, lost flavoring, flavoring powder.
  • ☑ Products when customers buy and use are not satisfied.
  • ☑ The product is damaged.
  • Regulations on delivery time.
  • ☑ Customers who come to buy directly within 7 days from the date of immediate purchase can change or refund 100%.
  • ☑ Duc Thu agent is allowed to return goods within 30 days.
  • Please see details at:

Time work and support client of Agarwood Đức Thụ.

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