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The brand contributes to promoting the development of Agarwood Đức Thụ brand, and at the same time wishes to bring to the market and users the best products, fragrance, pure and environmentally friendly incense. Tung Thu Service Trading Production Co., Ltd would like to invite individuals and units to cooperate in building high-class Agarwood brand and system agents of the Company. we.

Our cooperation motto is based on the business foundation of mutual development, respecting the interests of both sides as well as the desire to build a long-term partnership on the basis of long-term cooperation and common goals. sure, successful spending.

Why should you join and become an agent, distributor or collaborator of Agarwood Đức Thụ brand?

  • Product quality and safety: All of our products have been tested and certified for safety according to the strictest product standards. Products are arranged according to Vietnamese quality standards.
  • Prestigious brand: Đức Thụ Agarwood has been known and used regularly by many customers, is an indispensable part of spiritual life. Not only that, Agarwood Đức Thụ also has more than 100 famous cultural and religious sites of Vietnam and imaginary international customers.
  • Production capacity: With large production scale, large canvas house, spacious warehouse and tablet product line. We are always committed to on-time delivery and the best product quality.
  • Marketing, communication and advertising system: Dynamic young staff trained at universities and specialized training camps in marketing. Based on a large customer base, our marketing staff, we always test and exploit new customer files, ready to share with agents and distributors according to each available point. . The customer support system spread across agents, distributors and collaborators helps to answer questions and support partners in the most optimal way. Committed to maximum protection for agents and distributors against changing market conditions. Absorption analysis, stable rate of return and positive evolution.

General concept of the brand Agarwood Đức Thụ agents, distributors and sales collaborators.

  1. Brand agent Agarwood Đức Thụ is a business agent for 100% of our platform content, supported with brand identity synchronization as well as an address agency format on the Marketing system. Marketing & conveying information and getting maximum benefits from that system. In addition, we also organize knowledge sharing on product marketing, product and equipment advertising for customers in the most professional way. Get a % discount on products, with a commission if you reach the monthly number Distributor of Agarwood products Đức Thụ is the place to provide our production services but without using our brand identity, I only partially benefit from the advertising and marketing campaigns available. . of the brand, but still apply % discount and monthly sales commission as official reseller
  2. Business collaborators of the Agarwood brand's products Đức Thụ are business enthusiasts, especially online businesses, who can market and sell our products on their own on an e-commerce platform. . social networking sites like facebook, zalo, instagram. Our collaborators, I can be anyone, from business enthusiasts with no investment to parents looking to increase their income. Contributors enjoy the basic marketing and communication advantages of the brand Đức Thụ.

Basis and conditions to become agents, distributors, collaborators of Agarwood Đức Thụ

For official agent

  • Having a good business premises, consulting to build a showroom according to the standard general design of Duc Thu and receiving 100% of our brand.
  • Having the financial potential to consult to build a showroom to introduce products and enter the initial minimum order.
  • Priority is given to business partners near spiritual cultural points.
  • Knowledge of traditional Vietnamese perfumery products has the ability to promote brands and products in the market for managers.
  • Having background knowledge about Vietnamese traditional spiritual culture, consciously keeping national cultural identity.

Distributor conditions

  • Committed to maintaining monthly and quarterly sales.
  • Ability to market, advise and advertise our products

Sales to collaborators

  • Ability to develop and market sales channels
  • Passion for business and a sense of learning, training sales thinking.

Responsible Partner

General Responsibilities:

  • Weekly report on the situation of product consumption in the area, regularly exchange customer feedback about Đức Thụ Agarwood products.
  • Not quoted or published in the mass media.
  • Confidentiality according to regulations.
  • The entire payment of the unit value that Đức Thụ signed as an agent.

For official agent

  • To properly and fully perform the terms of the contract signed between Agarwood Đức Thụ and the Agent
  • Organize exhibition activities, product introduction and display for the sale of products of Agarwood Đức Thụ.
  • Invest in building a showroom to display products, with general design meeting the standards of Agarwood Đức Thụ.

For distributors

  • Area for displaying, introducing and selling Agarwood products Đức Thụ.

Partner benefits

  • Attractive discount compared to the original listed price.
  • Can be converted to import products within 7 days from the date of import, can change products or switch from one product to another.
  • Consider monthly sales bonus.
  • Sharing business know-how - Consulting - Professional support and information for partners in buying and selling transactions.
  • Prices are protected by the Company.
  • In special schools, our company will send staff to directly support partners.

For official agent

  • The company supported the showroom to design according to the company's general standards.
  • Showroom supports 50% of construction costs.
  • Record the addresses of agents in the website and in the content that Agarwood Đức Thụ participates in advertising in the media, marketing
  • Communication, advertising and marketing support from the Company.
  • Provide the agent with all necessary documents and information so that the agent can advertise the Đức Thụ Agarwood brand
  • To be supported, cooperated and coordinated by the company in the agency's activities.

Check and handle scope

  • The Company and its agents are subject to the inspection and supervision of competent State management agencies and fully fulfill their obligations to the State in accordance with the law.
  • The company and the agent are subject to mutual supervision in the performance of contractual obligations.
  • Any definition of scope or joint scope between the Company and its agent will be handled on the basis of agreement or as required by law.

Organize the implementation of regulations

  • Continue to receive dossiers as agents and supervise the working process of the Board of Directors for consideration and decision.
  • Organize and disseminate this mode to agents.
  • Regularly monitor and update agents' activities, thereby proposing support measures to boost dealer revenue.
  • Regularly update sales of dealers, distributors, collaborators to create a unique monthly review, comment and rating base.
  • The full plan to about the business AGENT to receive correct and sufficient revenue for each code row, code row.

For more details, please contact the dealer system development department, distributors Hotline: 0834066886 - 0911201949 - 0934108668

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