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Agarwood rings

Agarwood bracelet - natural agarwood bracelet, the beads will become more shiny and the fragrance will increase as you wear it over time. You wear 2 bracelets on one hand is perfectly fine, when not in use, it is best to store the bracelet in the included box to preserve the fragrance. Avoid direct contact with water.

Agarwood rings have many types

Ky Nam (extremely rare - talking about Tram Ky Nam can be said to be billions of dollars).
Sink seeds - usually 1g high value from 1.2-2, x million - water and type.
Floating - similar to sinking but the water floats.
Toc Banh Agarwood - A type of Agarwood with a lot of oil and wood grain.
Toc Kien - is the "bass" part with oil speed.
Real agarwood bracelet is made from high quality natural agarwood, many essential oils, perennial agarwood, meticulously crafted by artisans.

Agarwood Bracelet

Agarwood Bracelet

Giá: 2.900.000₫ 3.200.000₫
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