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Agarwood Incense Sticks

Agarwood Incense Sticks With Bamboo Toothpicks Agarwood Incense Traditional Chinese Medicine. This Agarwood is made from the best part of the Cedar tree - extracted from the core of the tree and contains the highest concentration of essential oils.The most prominent of which are herbs from Oriental medicine (Traditional medicine). Agarwood Incense Sticks has accompanied Buddhist and Hindu authors in their meditation rituals since time immemorial.

Box of 50 sticks

Box height 38.5 cm, 2 cm thick, Width 6cm

1 hour after burning

Burn less smoke

Long lasting scent

Giá: 25.000₫ 28.000₫

Free shipping: Applicable to orders> 400,000 VND

Pay at home: Fast and safe

Product introduction

Agarwood Incense Sticks With Bamboo Toothpicks

Agarwood Đức Thụ

Agarwood Incense Sticks With Bamboo Toothpicks Agarwood Herbs - Traditional Northern Agarwood Incense when burning completely natural ingredients: Adhesive powder, Cardamom, Green cypressYellow Sandalwood TreeNutmeg powderagarwood-treeclove, Licorice... Combined in certain proportions for a gentle fragrance, warm. All of Agarwood Đức Thụ agarwood products do not use chemicals, so when burned there will be very little smoke and no residue.

Image of clean incense from wood produced by Agarwoodducthu

Agarwood Incense Sticks temporarily translated as (Northern Herb incense) with ingredients extracted from nature, frankincense, folk and safe for users, especially for children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Thanks to the properties of herbs, the fragrance not only brings service to the worship space but also creates positive energy, increases luck, and brings happiness to the owner.

Image of clean incense from fragrant wood produced by Agarwoodducthu

incense sticks with toothpicks characteristic of the fragrance is light brown color, when emitting a gentle, pleasant aroma, fragrant aroma, refreshing spirit. Thin material, does not cause difficulty breathing, breath, stinging eyes. Incense box Agarwoodducthu brown color, red logo, fairy scene of 2 hand-painted deer from the past to now have spread to customers in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

Incense products produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Incense Sticks With Bamboo Toothpicks

Product Name: Đức Thụ Old Perfume (Hương Xưa Đức Thụ) - Traditional Northern Perfume

Material: 100% herbs; acacia from nature, water.
no chemicals or fragrances added

Type of incense Herbs From Nature (Traditional Medicine)
Paper box Color Brown
Sample Free shipping
Height 38 cm
box (100g)
fire time 60 minutes
Close Package box and plastic bag
Very little smoke Do not use for quality preservation, easy to mold, please be careful.
natural herbs Nutmeg, Duong Quy, Licorice, Burdock, Earth bone skin, Hoang Dan, Cedar Wood...

Special shipping for inner city customers within the day, domestic customers from 2 to 3 days, international customers from 15 to 30 days

The product has been tested for safety at:

In order for the product to retain its fragrance and resist mildew during use, please follow the following storage procedures:

  • Keep the product dry and cool.
  • Show live light and lower temperature.
  • Store the product carefully when using it will not lose its fragrance.

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Agarwoodducthu Want to spread the most unique products to the worldwide meditation culture.

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