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Agarwood Buds

Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds Agarwood is a non-timber forest product of the species Aquilaria malaccensis, produced by the penetration of endogenous fungi into the heartwood. from that to form essential oil inside, this oil has a light fragrance and is used for many purposes, used for incense when emitting a gentle scent. Real frankincense will not affect pregnant women and children the elderly. Agarwood buds are also widely used all over the world. 

Box of 40 Buds

Box height 14cm, 4,5 cm thick

20 minutes after burning

Burn less smoke

Giá: 150.000₫ 168.000₫

Free shipping: Applicable to orders> 400,000 VND

Pay at home: Fast and safe

Product introduction

Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds

Agarwood Duc Thu

Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds Duc Thu incense cone is the kind that is trusted by many international friends. We produce according to the designs and requirements of customers, large output for wholesale customers.

Agarwood cones made by Duc Thu when burning less smoke. In addition to Duc Thu Agarwood Incense, there are many types of incense made from herbs. Ingredients from natural wood trees grown in Vietnam.
Light and cozy incense cone for your home, Agarwood cone has many different sizes, mainly from 3cm to 5cm high depending on customers' requirements with different sizes and shapes.

Images of conical agarwood, and doll, tower-shaped images produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Buds The agarwood part will be grinded and then crushed until smooth, to create agarwood buds. The reason they are called agarwood buds is because they are shaped like a small bud.

Agarwood cones are carefully handcrafted by Duc Thu, with high agarwood content, so they are often used in tea ceremonies, meditation, yoga... The scent of frankincense contributes to relaxation, sedation, and tranquillity. heart. calm down or relieve stress. In addition, frankincense is also used to steam rooms to help repel insects and purify indoor air.

Among all the aromatic materials, frankincense is considered the most special because of its characteristic natural aroma. The sweet scent of wood not only evokes a feeling of warmth but also dispels daily fatigue.

Images of conical agarwood, and doll, tower-shaped images produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Incense Buds Northern Agarwood cone includes 30 herbs and cedar creating a seductive fragrance. Ingredients: Cardamom, green cypress, golden sandalwood, nutmeg powder, frankincense, cloves, licorice ... pleasant, no chemicals inside, herbs grown in Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam.

The characteristics of cone-shaped incense are brown, burning less smoke, emitting a gentle, pleasant aroma, a gentle aroma, helping to refresh the spirit without causing difficulty breathing, stuffy nose, stinging eyes. Green incense box, red logo, hand-painted fairy scene of 2 deer have spread to customers in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

Product NameAgarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds

Material: 100% herbs; acacia from nature, water.
no chemicals or fragrances added


Agarwood Buds - incense cone - tower-shaped incens

Paper box

color green


Free shipping


3 cm & 5 cm



fire time

15 to 20 minutes

Close Package

box and plastic bag

Very little smoke

Do not use for quality preservation, easy to mold, please be careful.

natural herbs

natural agarwood tree

In order for the product to retain its fragrance and resist mildew during use, please follow the following storage procedures:

  • Keep the product dry and cool.
  • Show live light and lower temperature.
  • Store the product carefully when using it will not lose its fragrance.

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Agarwoodducthu Want to spread the most unique products to the worldwide meditation culture.

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Agarwood Buds

Agarwood Buds

Giá: 150.000₫ 168.000₫
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