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Agarwood Bracelet

Agarwood Bracelet - Agarwood Bracelet VietNam produced by Duc Thu with 100% natural agarwood. Products are quality tested, get Agarwood embryos, process seeds, and polish manually at Agarwood Duc Thu.

  • Our frankincense bracelet is natural kind, good fragrance.
  • Made from real natural agarwood from Vietnam.

Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.

Type: Agarwood bracelet, necklace

Giá: 2.900.000₫ 3.200.000₫

Free shipping: Applicable to orders> 400,000 VND

Pay at home: Fast and safe

Product introduction

Agarwood Bracelet - Agarwood Bracelet VietNam

Agarwood Duc Thu

Agarwood Bracelet - Agarwood Bracelet VietNam With agarwood bracelet from nature, the beads will be more shiny and the fragrance will increase as you wear it over time. You can wear 2 bracelets on one hand. fragrance retention. Agarwood bracelets have many different types and prices depending on the concentration of agarwood essence.

Duc Thu can provide all kinds of agarwood bracelets for all customers, especially customers who buy in bulk.
We have great discount for customers in domestic and international market.

Picture of agarwood ring produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Bracelet for men and women made by Duc Thu, choose agarwood with many essential oils, diverse designs suitable for all ages, the elderly and children. Duc Thu Agarwood has a long-lasting flavor and is trusted by many customers around the world.

When not in use, it is best to store the bracelet in the gift box to preserve the fragrance. Avoid direct contact with water, chemicals and sharp objects. Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Image of natural agarwood bracelet produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Bracelet VietNam produced by Duc Thu have many sizes, all requirements of our customers are met in the best way, satisfying customers all over the world.
Duc Thu owns bracelets worth thousands of dollars, up to millions of dollars.

Image of natural agarwood bracelet produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Bracelet - Agarwood Bracelet VietNam

Product Name: Đức Thụ Agarwood (Vòng Trầm Đức Thụ)

Material: 100% from Agarwood tree

Agarwood Bracelet from Agarwood tree
Paper box color blue
Sample don't use try
Height 11 cm
box (20g)
Agarwood Bracelet from 6mm to 20mm size
Close Package box and plastic bag
Agarwood Bracelet Agarwood rings for men and women
natural Agarwood natural Agarwood

Special shipping for inner city customers within the day, domestic customers from 2 to 3 days, international customers from 15 to 30 days

The product has been tested for safety at:

In order for the product to retain its fragrance and resist mildew during use, please follow the following storage procedures:

  • Keep the product dry and cool.
  • Show live light and lower temperature.
  • Store the product carefully when using it will not lose its fragrance.

Buyers contact: For detailed product advice, please contact:

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Agarwoodducthu Want to spread the most unique products to the worldwide meditation culture.

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